Thank you for visiting 112-mail.net. You might wonder: what's 112-mail.net. Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure what it is either. I was planning on giving some first-aid tips for mail problems, like viruses, spam and the lot. But so far, I never got around to do it. Then, you might ask, what are you doing with this website? What are you going to do with the domain name? Is it for sale? Well, no, the domainname is not for sale. Unless, ofcourse, you make me an offer I can't refuse ( )

I now mainly use this site to live-test webstuff like gallery's, subdomains, mailinglists, CMS etc. I might add some interesting stuff later on though, so be sure to keep coming back. You can always use it as a starting point to all the cool websites you can see on the left. More to come, sure :-).

As for now, enjoy!




This is www.112-mail.net